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Ovation Polymers is a specialty engineered plastic compounder headquartered in Medina, OH. The breadth of expertise at Ovation Polymers encompasses, a state of the art compounding plant coupled with entire range of the compounding processes, from routine to specialized processes such as: dispersion, reactive extrusion, grafting, cross-linking polymers, devolatization, performance/functional fiber reinforcement, and the processing on nano engineered molecules. Working inside Ovation's wide spectrum of specialty compounding technology now affords customers the ability to work directly with project design engineers on solving difficult end-use problems and meeting these requirements. These requirements might include any combination of the following: ESD protection, electrically conductive & ESD safe materials, thermal management solution with thermally conductive plastics (TCP), fire and flammability solution with flame retardant materials, EMI-RFI shielding compounds, high temperature materials, plating grade materials, and specialty TPE's which easily bond to a variety of substrate materials.

Featured Conductive Polymers

Electrically Conductive OpteSTAT ™ compounds are our patented carbon-nanotube-based polymer compounds and composites designed for exceeding the challenging performance requirements for ESD safe applications in disk drive, semiconductor & electronics industries, as well as automotive, industrial, wire and cable industries.

Thermally conductive Nemcon ™ compounds based on our patented technology platform, are ideal for heat sink applications in LED lights replacing aluminum, as well as for other thermal management challenges in electronics, industrial and automotive applications.

Performance Polymers

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