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The Performance Polymer Compounds business group provides innovative polymer materials, application development, and custom compounds and composites. Please use the Product Selection Matrix below to decide which product is right for your application. Click on any product names below for more information.

For product inquiries and more information please call us at 1-330-723-5686, toll free 1-866-99-OPTEM, or email us here:contactuswebsite@opteminc.com

General Application: Product Type / Features: Potential Applications: Product Name:
Electro-Static Control Carbon Nanotube (CNT)
ESD Compounds
• Proprietary Dispersion
• Improved Physical Properties
• Ease of Processing
Disk Drives
Thermoformed Trays
Injection Molded Trays
Circuit Protection
Electro-Static Control Electrically Conductive
• Carbon Fiber Compounds
• Carbon Powder Compounds
• Metal-Filled Compounds
• Graphite/Graphene
Product Assembly Housing
Component Housings
Surface Mount Connectors
Thermoformed Trays
Nemcon™ E
Thermal Management Thermally Conductive
• Excellent Heat Transfer
• Metal Replacement
• Corrosion Resistant
• Cost Savings
Heat Sinks
Chip Sets
Instrument Housings
Motors / Armatures
Nemcon™ H
High Performance Composites Thermally and/or Electrically Conductive
• Bakeable Applications
• High Chemical Resistance
• High Temperature Resistance
• Structural Grades
Electrical Housings / Connectors
Disk Drive Components
Structural Parts
Medical Components
Industrial Parts
Shielding Technology Conductive and
Shielding Products
• Inorganic Fillers
• Easy to Process
• Replacement to Metals
Component Housings
Cable Shields
X-Ray Equipment
CT Scanning Devices
Medical Devices
Nemcon™ S
Graphene Polymer Masterbatches Functional Masterbatches
and Nanocomposites
• Proprietary Dispersion
• Max Effect of Nano-materials
• Graphite Nano-Platlets
Fuel Tanks / Fuel Line Coatings
Electronic Enclosures
Automotive Parts / Batteries
Sporting Goods
Performance Masterbatches Custom-Engineered Masterbatches
• Addresses Material Challenges    for New Technologies
Medical Devices
Industrial Electronics
Consumer Electronics
Precision-Engineered  Components

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