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UTTAP™ - High Temperature Composites, Blends, and Compounds

Ovation Polymers™ UTTAP™ has developed a strong technical processing knowledge base to manufacture plastic products, materials, compounds, composites, and blends to meet your products needs now and in the future. Ovation Polymers™ UTTAP™ product line encompasses a wide range of materials and performance properties.

High Temperature Materials

Technical Features

Product Types:

  • Ideal for Bakeable Applications
  • High Chemical Resistance
  • Resistance to High Temperature Solder
  • High Strength Structural Grades
  • Custom Compounds
  • Consistent Quality and Clean Products
  • Pre-Colored and Special Surface Finish Products
  • Thermally and/or Electrically Conductive Grades

UTTAP™ - List Of Available Product Grades:

  • UTTAP™ SF Series: Based on Sulfone Polymers™PES, PSU, PPSU
  • UTTAP™ QU Series: Engineering Polymer Alloys based on PPA type Semi-Aromatic Polyamides
  • UTTAP™ ES Series: Based on High Temperature Polymer Alloys
  • UTTAP™ PK Series: Based on Polyketones™PPEK, and PEK
  • UTTAP™ PPS Series: Based on PPS™composites and compounds
  • UTTAP™ LCP Series: Based on LCP composites

Potential Applications

  • Consumer Electronics
  • Automotive/Transportation
  • Heavy-Duty Electrical Components
  • Medical/Health Care
  • Industrial - Valves, Fittings, etc.
  • Aerospace

UTTAP™ - Technical Data Sheets:

    Please email contactuswebsite@opteminc.com for technical data sheets

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